Ticketmaster Waiting Room Vs Queue

ticketmaster waiting room vs Queue

When it comes to high demand events, there’s a big difference between a waiting room and a queue. Queues drive up customer’s sense of urgency and fear of missing out while a waiting room gives your site the extra visibility it needs to build hype, increase conversion rates and increase loyalty.

Using a ticketmaster virtual waiting room lets you capture control over sudden traffic spikes without causing a crash, slowdown or other issue. When the number of visitors to your site goes above a certain threshold (usually 1,000 per minute), you throttle new traffic into a waiting room until it’s your turn.

With a queue, visitors can see their position in the line, their estimated wait time and how many people are ahead of them. This information helps them feel like they’re ahead of the game and increases their likelihood to make a purchase.

Queueing Up for Tickets: The Pros and Cons of Ticketmaster’s Waiting Room vs. Queue

By using a virtual queue, businesses can ensure that all visitors are given a fair shot of getting in to the ticketing website. This is done by randomizing the queue IDs and using advanced bot mitigation technology.

The result is a fairer and more efficient experience for everyone. And that’s what makes a waiting room a better solution than just letting a sudden traffic spike overwhelm your site and leave you scrambling to fix the problem.

A waiting room is an easy way to give your fans a positive experience, while giving you the peace of mind you need to handle the volume of traffic coming through.

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