Garage Doors UK – What Type of Garage Door is Right For You?

Garage Doors UK

There are so many options when it comes to choosing a new garage door that it can be a little overwhelming. You have colour, material, style & method of opening to think about and that’s before you start looking at manufacturers supplying garage doors with Secured by Design accreditation – an official police security initiative.This link

Ultimately your decision should be guided by how you use the garage and why. For example, if you want to use it as a workshop where you’ll be working on cars and tools then a roller door could be ideal. It can be manually operated or motorised and can offer high levels of insulation and security if you opt for the double skinned insulated version.

Security Features to Look for in Garage Doors for UK Properties

Steel garage doors are incredibly popular and you can choose from a huge range of designs, styles and finishes. They are durable and cost-effective with the option of being automated. They can be manufactured to open inwards or outwards and to suit the slope of your drive, although enough driveway space must be available to allow on-foot access.

Timber garage doors offer a more traditional look and can be sympathetic to an older property but they are also available in contemporary designs too. They are one of a kind and have their graining, knots and shading. They can be made to open inwards or outwards, and you can choose from a sliding bifold or a paneled model that allows half, two-thirds or full width of the garage opening to be accessed.

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