Will Creatine Make You Look Bigger?

will creatine make you look bigger

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Will creatine make you look bigger can indeed cause you to look bigger, especially during the first 5-7 days of use when you are loading it (20 grams for 5 days then 5 grams ongoing). This water retention (also called the osmotic effect) causes your muscles to swell up a bit, giving them a more muscular or “pumped” appearance.

The Creatine Effect: Exploring the Visual Impact on Muscle Appearance

However, this water retention is not fat gain and it doesn’t reflect muscle growth – which is the real reason you take creatine. True muscle growth (hypertrophy) occurs when you combine consistent creatine supplementation with challenging resistance training and a healthy diet. True muscle growth requires that you consume more calories than you expend – meaning you must create a caloric surplus. It is also possible to offset any potential calorie gain from taking creatine by drinking more water to encourage urination, and eating less sodium to prevent excess fluid retention. Also, by incorporating more non-workout movement (called NEAT) throughout the day such as taking the stairs instead of an elevator or parking farther away to increase your daily walking and standing.

If you are concerned about looking bloated after taking creatine, simply discontinue use or try consuming more foods that promote hydration and reduce fluid retention, or increasing your low-intensity workouts and sweating to help reduce water weight. Your body will naturally break down and eliminate the extra fluid over time anyway.

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