What Is Asphalt Repair?

Asphalt Repair

Asphalt Repair is the process of repairing existing damage to ensure the longevity and safety of blacktop surfaces. It can encompass everything from a small crack filler to large-scale resurfacing projects, and it typically involves the use of a mixture of crushed rock or gravel, sand, and a petroleum byproduct called bitumen.

Some asphalt cracking is inevitable, and it’s important to have any minor damage repaired promptly before it gets worse. Otherwise, the cracks will continue to spread and create an alligator-like skin on the surface. This is often the earliest sign of deeper issues that need to be addressed, such as poor drainage or subgrade failure.

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Other signs that asphalt needs repairs include wavy or faded areas of the surface, which can cause trip hazards for pedestrians and vehicles alike. Insufficiently drained or sunken sections of pavement are also common problems that need to be addressed, as they can lead to structural damage. Insufficient maintenance can also cause binding agents to erode, leaving the pavement susceptible to further damage and premature failure.

A common problem that requires immediate attention is buckling asphalt, which occurs when the base of the pavement fails under heavy vehicle or loading conditions. This can usually be repaired with a touch-up or cold patching, but more extensive damage may necessitate full-depth reclamation. Other permanent repairs involve milling and patching, in which a damaged area is milled down to the level of surrounding asphalt, then cleaned, and new asphalt is poured.

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