What Are Fire Curtains?

A fire curtain is a large, lightweight fabric barrier that prevents the spread of fire and smoke in a building. It can be deployed when triggered by the building’s fire protection system and seals openings of all sizes. This protects inhabitants from being trapped in a room and allows them to escape. It also keeps fire and smoke from traveling to other areas, protecting other structures within a building.

Fire curtains are often used in places where it is impossible to install fire doors because of the open-plan layouts common in commercial premises today. The loss prevention certification body (LPCB) and British Standards Institution (BSI) both offer accreditation to fire curtains that demonstrate adherence to a specific standard. This is commonly referred to as the ‘BS 8524’.

Fire Curtains: A Crucial Element in Passive Fire Protection Systems

The standard sets out rules for the specification, installation and maintenance of these barriers, ensuring they will be effective in the event of a fire. It includes testing and scheduled inspections that need to be carried out by a trained inspector to ensure the product is in good working order when required to operate in an emergency.

Fire curtains with vision panels are an excellent option for many applications, including escalators, warehouse storage areas and elevator hoist-ways, which can be difficult to inspect visually. They provide a solution to these challenges by enabling occupants and first responders to see through them after they have been deployed, thereby saving valuable time during a fire evacuation.

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