The Best Slow Juicer Machine

slow juicer machine

Juices are full of vital nutrients but our bodies find it difficult to absorb them without help. Most of the nutrients are enclosed within the walls of plant and fruit cells that have sturdy protective membranes. A slow juicer machine breaks down these cell walls so our body can easily absorb the nutrients, enabling us to get more benefits from fruits and vegetables.

The best slow juicer machine will also be easy to clean and maintain. Most models we tested require only a few minutes to disassemble, wash and rinse. The manual is clear and simple, and the parts have clearly marked slots that fit together. The Hurom H-AA model is sleek and streamlined, and its deceptively small size means it’ll fit under your cabinets.

Slow and Juicy: The Art of Extracting Nutrients with a Slow Juicer Machine

We particularly liked this model for its versatility, which allows you to make sorbets and sauces as well as juices. It also has a juicing screen to prevent clogs, and its low rotational speed ensures that there’s less heat and oxidation than in most machines. This is a great option for beginners and families.

The juicer comes with a wide variety of recipes, and the auger is made of a BPA-free material. However, we found that the nozzle was awkward to use, and it can be difficult to extract thicker ingredients like leafy greens. The juicer has a reversible button to reverse the direction of the auger, which can be helpful if you find yourself stuck on a hard-to-juice ingredient.

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