Hydrogen Detector

Hydrogen detector is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas that can be explosive when it comes into contact with oxygen or other oxidizers. This makes hydrogen detection crucial in battery charging rooms, industrial settings and laboratories. Our detector identifies accumulation of H2 and activates the LED lights and 80 dB alarm when the concentration of H2 reaches the dangerous threshold. The gas meter is available in AC (85 – 265 V) or DC (17 – 60V) powered models with dual relay and includes a carrying strap, English manual, USB charging cable and USA NIST calibration certificate.

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Semiconductor metal oxide-type hydrogen sensors have the advantages of simple structure, small size, low cost, fast response and easy compounding; they are also suitable for mass production and use. However, they are vulnerable to electromagnetic interference and prone to signal drift. They are not suitable for harsher environmental conditions. In addition, sparks may be generated and there is a risk of combustion or explosion.

Sensors using catalytic technology have long response times and lower detection limits, but require special gas compositions to operate safely. They are also prone to output saturation and have a high temperature dependency. Fiber-optic hydrogen detectors are intrinsically safe and have the advantage of avoiding interference by other gases. They have a high detection accuracy but a limited upper limit and can be affected by humidity.

Hydrogen adsorption and permeation changes the resistance of the sensor’s sensing material, which in turn affects the transmitted light wavelength. Researchers have found that the hydrogen-sensitive p-type CuO thin film’s sensing properties can be improved by calcination. This method increases the hole concentration, crystallinity, and surface-to-volume ratio and improves the sensing performance of the film.

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