Greece Private Tours – Discover the Secrets of the Acropolis and Make Lifelong Memories!

greece private tours

Whether it is the cloudless Mediterranean skies, the crystalline waters, the sandy beaches or the profoundly rich history that drenches Greece, this place will steal your heart forever. Experience the authenticity of Greek culture and the breathtaking beauty of its landscapes in a fully-personalised tour and make lifelong memories!

Our experienced and friendly local greece private tours guides will introduce you to the most enchanting places in Greece. We offer a range of single/multiday private tours all around Athens and in mainland Greece.

Discover the secrets of the Acropolis on this tailored private guided tour. Our expert guide will give you insights into the significance of this hill, a symbol of democracy and human achievement, while revealing the myths and legends surrounding the Parthenon temple.

Exclusive Escapes: Crafting Unforgettable Memories with Greece Private Tours

In a private tour you can visit places that are not included in the standard Must-See Athens Tour, such as the Pnyx, the site of assembly of the Athenian people, and the Epigraphic Museum (which houses inscriptions relating to the democratic system). In addition you can take advantage of visiting the Theatres of Dionysus and Herod, showing how ancient drama evolved with reference to historic and social circumstances.

This a day trip ideal for cruise ship passengers docking in Katakolon Port and wanting to explore a different side of Greece. The birthplace of the Olympic Games, Delphi and its mystical navel, Mycenae, the legendary site of Leonidas and the 300 Spartans, the picturesque village of Nafplion and its castles are all part of the itinerary. You can also visit a traditional Greek family run honey farm, where you can taste the delicious local products and immerse yourself in the rural and authentic life of this beautiful country!

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