Domestic Resin Flooring Options

domestic resin flooring options

If you want your floors to be warm, comfortable and hard-wearing enough for daily life then a resin floor is the perfect option. Unlike carpet or wood, seamless resin floors are soft underfoot and are easy to clean and maintain. They also play a role in sustainability, eliminating the need for harsh cleaning chemicals or equipment.

There are a number of domestic resin flooring options, each offering different levels of protection and visual design. Each has unique benefits that balance out their drawbacks, and each works best when paired with other resin types to optimise the defences of the entire floor system.

Elevate Your Living Space: A Guide to Stylish and Practical Domestic Resin Flooring

Polyurethane, or PU, floors are impact-resistant and can handle high temperatures and direct heat. They are also abrasion and chemical-resistant, making them a durable solution for commercial environments. PU is one of the more expensive resin types but is ideal for floors that need a heavy-duty finish.

Poured floors are an increasingly popular choice for home renovations. With their seamless construction, they allow for the creation of an open plan space and can be installed in a wide range of colours. The glossy finishes reflect light beautifully, and can make a room feel larger.

Resin floors are typically low maintenance and only require touch-ups and cleaning, which is carried out with basic dust mopping and vacuuming. Heavier cleaning can be carried out on a monthly basis using proper floor cleaning machinery, which can lead to slightly higher costs.

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