Aerial Tours

Whether you’ve flown around the globe in a virtual world at warp speed or explored a hidden bay with a submersible, seeing places from the air offers a whole new perspective. That’s why the popularity of Aerial Tours has mushroomed. This sector of aviation flies a variety of fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft to give travelers the opportunity to soar over a destination, with many providers offering both airplane and helicopter tours. URL

Depending on the type of tour, passengers may sit side-by-side or straddle the plane’s wing. The number of seats varies, with most air tours seating two to six people. Prices may be less prohibitive than you might expect, especially when compared to other attractions, such as balloon rides and scenic flights on private jets.

Helicopters are notably popular in the Aerial Tours sector due to their low-and-slow maneuvering capabilities. They also offer a more comfortable experience than airplanes, and you can eat and drink during the flight—just make sure to bring snacks and drinks in case of turbulence.

Sunset Soaring: Aerial Tours for Romantic and Breathtaking Views”

A helicopter ride over Manhattan is an ideal way to take in the Big Apple’s iconic landmarks, skyline and history. See the city from a unique angle during a 30-minute flight and snap a souvenir photo to share with family and friends back home. Or, opt for a longer NYC chopper tour that flies through the five boroughs and beyond. During the trip, you’ll have in-flight narration to help you identify the different sights.

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