4 Temp Work Advantages

1. Temp Work Gives You Flexibility

Being a temporary avantage interim employee often means that you’ll have access to a wide range of job assignments. This flexibility allows you to gain experience in many industries, and even try out the role that you want to commit to full-time. Then, once you’ve found a position that you enjoy, it’s easier to turn your temp assignment into a permanent one, since you already have a track record and a good working relationship with the company.

2. Temp Jobs Provide On-the-Job Training

Temp jobs are great for building concrete skills on your resume, especially when you’re trying to switch careers or build credibility in a new field. They also provide the chance to gain valuable on-the-job training, including specific skills such as forklift operation and machine operations. In fact, according to the ASA, over 70 percent of temps receive some form of on-the-job training while in a temporary position.

3. Temp Work Fills in the Gaps on Your C.V

The biggest advantage of temporary work is that it provides a great way to fill any gaps in employment. Temp workers are often used to quickly cover maternity and paternity leave, sickness absences, holidays and other short-term absences. This makes them attractive to employers, as they can be brought on board without a lengthy interview process.

Temp employees are often assigned an employee to be their mentor, so that they have someone who can help them get settled into the job. This can include showing them around the office, familiarizing them with equipment and explaining procedures and expectations. Having an employee to help ease a new hire into the job can improve productivity and reduce any tensions that may arise from having a temp join a team that’s already established.

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